📢SNOGE x BUDZ LP Farms Confirmed!📢

1 min readMay 15, 2021


As you may know, BUDZ and SNOGE will soon be partnering together to merge both of our amazing communities and opening up access to our BUDZ/SNOGE yield farm — expect competitive APY rates!

BUDZ.Finance will be offering an attractive APY for BUDZ/SNOGE LP farm, while maintaining project sustainability in the long term.

We expect the partnership to be finalized and farms active once full bridging capabilities have been implemented by devs on both teams.

We feel SNOGE is a wonderful addition into the BUDZ ecosystem, with a token theme and like-minded community that fits our narrative as a cannabis themed token.

We are dedicated to the long term success of BUDZ and NUGZ, therefore we will be working closely with SNOGE team in future to bring you plenty of exciting additions to the ecosystem.

Keep your eyes peeled and Smoke Up! 🔥🟢🐶🔥

Website: budz.finance

Telegram: t.me/budzfinance

Twitter: twitter.com/budz_finance