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As you may know, BUDZ and SNOGE will soon be partnering together to merge both of our amazing communities and opening up access to our BUDZ/SNOGE yield farm — expect competitive APY rates!

BUDZ.Finance will be offering an attractive APY for BUDZ/SNOGE LP farm, while maintaining project sustainability in the long term.

We expect the partnership to be finalized and farms active once full bridging capabilities have been implemented by devs on both teams.

We feel SNOGE is a wonderful addition into the BUDZ ecosystem, with a token theme and like-minded community that fits our narrative as a cannabis themed…

Budz.Finance are excited to announce the latest updates to the BUDZ ecosystem!

Introducing NUGZ- a low supply, deflationary token that adds to the game-theory of BUDZ via greater APY incentive, trading arbitrage, onboarding mechanics through an alternative investment opportunity!

Users of will be able to acquire the HIGHEST APY by farming with both BUDZ and NUGZ — starting at over +1000% APY !

BUDZ/NUGZ will offer the highest APY.
BUDZ/BNB will offer the current attractive APY.
NUGZ/BNB will offer a lower BUDZ APY similar to the current ETH/BNB etc which will be removed on update.
APY’s remain variable, when price of BUDZ goes up, APY will follow.

Contract is being audited…

Dear Community,

We thank you for your patience with the migration of the BUDZ token and appreciate all the support we have been receiving from our budding community.

It is with great pleasure to announce the BUDZ v2 token contract address below:

Welcome to Budz.Finance, where the emphasis is on High Yield and even Higher price.

Binance Smart Chain has seen major growth over the last few months, and with that a lot of new promising projects launch. The cheap gas fees and quick transactions have made it the ideal place to farm.

However Budz.Finance is not just another clone, there is so much more. From staking to burning, to LP farming. Budz offers a multitude of options that all combine to give the project growth and sustainability going forward.

The Growroom


High yield, chill life…

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